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"It was the 10th of October, 3 years after the League of Legends was created.
A year after the arena's creation, a couple of soldiers from the war city of Targon have met in the fields of battle and inkindled a flame in their hearts." The Leagues parson, Lucian, spoke to the large hall, filled with both champions and summoners.
Almost everyone was invited to the occasion, and all that were invited came dressed in their most beautiful dresses and suits.
Champions from all around the Valoran have placed themselves between the different kinds of seats in the hall, hoping to get to see as much of the upcoming event as they can.
The only one that stayed within the institute was Diana, which was not even invited due to... Past conflicts between her and the bride.

All around, the champions spoke to each other and tried to guess what will happen, since all the invite said was "Come to the main hall, a large event is incoming. Dress up with your best clothes."
On the far left side of the hall, stood a number of champions that wanted to help in the wedding. These, out of all the ones who were invited, knew what the occasion was.

In an area quite far away from them, stood four champions who would just not fit anywhere else between the groups of city-states and factions they belonged to.
Skarner tried to ignite a conversation "Err..." He started "So... eh... Today is a nice day... Right?" He asked the other three
"IT IS NOT. EVERYTHING IS ANNOYING. MY LEGS STILL HURT." Xerath spoke loudly, still annoyed that he is stuck with the misfits of the league.
"Oh, relax ghosty! We're good. I'm surrounded by such BEAUTIFUL GEMS!" Taric started stroking Skarner "Such... Gems..."
With fear, Skarner looked at Malphite, hoping he will give him advice about what to do. "Sorry, Taric will be ROCKing your mind back and forth all day long. Hehehe... Rocks." Malphite answered and giggled to himself to his self-made pun.

Not too far away from the misfits, sat down the Demacians, each of them dressed in beautiful suits and dresses, showing class to the wedding hall.
In the complete opposite side, sat Noxus with surprisingly similar clothing to the Demacians. Both sides would not look into the other's direction.
Yet what truly stood out in the Noxian group was Sion, which seemed largely different.
Katarina looked at the brute sitting behind her. "You look... Different today, Sion. Did the parts I give you expire or something?" She laughed
"NEW LORE" He answered.
"Agh, I know that feeling... Had mine changed three times." She angered.

Suddenly, from the middle of the hall, the doors opened. From them a suited unknown man ran quickly to the front and whispered the Lucian.
The man was brown-haired, shaven, clean and muscular, but most of all... Familiar.
The champions and summoners that sat down looked at the man, oogeling him and trying to recognize him.
'Is he another Summoner?' Some thought 'Or a new champion?'
After a second of whispering something to Lucian, the man stood back a single step and waited with a straightened back.
Lucian looked to his right, staring at the few people who knew of the occasion, and helped planning it.
He nodded to them.
To his commend, Sona stretched her arms. She gently put her hands over her etwahl and started playing.…
Lux readied her voice
Lulu prepared her magic
And from the door, came Leona.
She was dressed in a long white dress, dragging a large part of it behind her. The sun above Leona gave it's blessing as well, shining strongly that moment.
On her head there was a sunflower with bright yellow leaves and dark brown seeds. Her hair was long and wavey.
The man heard footsteps coming behind him, and he became flustered.
He stared back at the door.
"Leona..." He barely spoke
She blushed and kept walking forward until she finally came near him After a walk of awkward silence.
Lucian nodded again, giving Lulu the sign to use her magics.
The small Yordle waved and spun around with a smile, revealing beautiful flowers on every corner of the hall. Magical sparkles and yellow petals bloomed all over the hall.
Most of them were sunflowers, Leona's favorite.
As the bride was finally standing by the grooms side, she grabbed his hand with force.
"Leona and Pantheon of Targon..." Lucian started speaking
"You two have battled countless times against and with each other on the fields of justice. You have befriended through childhood, and then separated by fate. Faith had brought you two together again, showing the power of true love until this very day."
The couple smiled as Lucian looked at the mass amount of both champions and summoners.
"The connection these two have is something every beloved can only wish for. Yet today, we have all come to witness this couples final step towards their life together. Leona..." Lucian changed his gaze from the hall into the bride. "Will you, The grand Solari, Marry this man, Pantheon, and live with him for the rest of your lives together?"
She looked at Pantheon, and as she did, he held her hand even tighter, showing that he never wants to let go.
She looked back at the patron and answered "I do."
Lucian smiled and looked at the groom. "Will you, Pantheon of Targon, The great warrior of Rakkor, take Leona's hand to marriage, love her, and cherish her for the rest of your lives?"
The brown-haired man looked at the Patron and held her hand more gently. "I do."
Lucian looked back at the crowd.
"Is there anyone..." He spoke, hoping that a specific Lunari would not crash in the room and stop the wedding "...Who objects the uniting of these two?"
After 5 seconds of silence, Lucian knew that it was alright
He looked at the singing and helping champions again, specificly at Ezreal, showing him it his turn now.…
"In that case..." Lucian looked at the couple.
"I now announce you as Man and Wife. Congratulations, You may kiss the bride." Lucian announced with a smile.
The couple kissed, and the hall cheered.
Pantheon touched her hips as he gave her a deep kiss, enclosing their bodies together and then moving his arms to her back, grabbing her wedding dress with fierce love and passion.
The love in the hall spread all over. Couples from all around enclosed their arms together.
The sun shined even more brightly at that moment, accepting the love of her warrior.
In the hall, champion couples looked at each other. Tryndemere stared at Ashe's eyes, Twisted fate winked at Evelyn and Ezreal and Lux sang together.
The couple's kiss ended, yet right afterwards they stared deeply into each others eyes, knowing that their fates have finally been entwined together.
Lux and Ezreal held their hands while as their duet continued and the crowd listened.
Leona's and Pantheon's foreheads touched in an intimate moment between the two as their eyes automatically closed.
In that time, Pantheon could only think of four words in his mind, and these four words he wanted to share with his beloved only.
He took some air in, and then whispered to Leona with his eyes closed.
"I love you, Leona."
She smiled and released her face from his. 
"I love you too!" She said as she kissed him again.
Couples from all around started walking to the halls center and dancing together.
Garen, the might of Demacia, approached Katarina, who was sitting alone in a long purple dress. "In these occasions, Noxian, a dance is mandatory" He blushed "Just for the sake of the occasion, I shall invite you to dance." He held his arm forward to her.
She smiled and laughed in response, saying "Sure, for the occasion." She stood up and joined him.
Lulu was flailing Veigar around the dance floor, Katarina and Garen held and danced like nobles, and every other couple joined in.
After the married couple's kiss ended, Pantheon grabbed Leona and flipped her, carrying her in his arms.
He flexed his legs and started charging his power
"What are you doing?" Leona asked, surprised by his sudden move, yet still keeping a big smile.
"Taking a shortcut to our honeymoon, of course!" He said.
She held him tightly, and as she did, he jumped up and flew away with her.
Of Daybreak and Spear
Note: READ THIS FIC SLOWLY. Really frigin slowly.
In between some parts there is music.

I do not own any of the characters names and the places written, They belong to their rightful owner, Riot Games Inc.
I do not own any of the music written and used in this story. The music rightfully belongs to their owners. In case the owners of either the characters or the music will ask me, I will remove this fic or the music from it, regarding only to it's 

Was made for for winning the giveaway in my own blog,

I hope you enjoy reading this small fic ^^
"NO!" an adventurer shouted as he seethed his sword out. "YOU'RE JUST A LEGEND!" He cried, filled with fear and discourage.
"Really?" A deep voice asked, then lashed out its mighty crystal tail at the sword, breaking it in half in an instant.
"YOU'RE NOT REAL!" The Adventurer shouted again "YOU'RE A MYTH!"
The beast that guarded the realm was not pleased with the adventurers words.
"A myth?" the giant asked.
"I am Skarner, The last of the Brackern. I defend this realm from all who wish to seek it, no one will get over me and reach it!"
The tail lashed again, this time cutting down the seekers left arm.
As the human shouted with pain and agony, he fell on his knees.
"A MYTH, YOU SAY?" The crystalline scorpion shouted with a question.
The man cried for help, begged for mercy with words that were not understandable from the amount of tears he had.
"I WILL NEVER BECOME A MYTH!" The monster shouted, releasing his claw and smashing the adventurer's head, leaving only pieces of flesh around the dead body and a splatter of blood on his arm.
After he smashed him, Skarner took a deep look onto the humans headless body.
"I will never become a legend..."
He lifted the body with his arm 
"I will make sure that whatever happens..."
and took a bite of it, mawing the fragile human skeleton under his powerful fangs and eating the nutritious flesh and meat.
"The Brackern will live on."

"Hrrmm... Another..." He heard footsteps approaching. Skarner took another bite off the body, eating it's right hand and splattering more blood around his mouth.
A small figure came closer to Skarner. The figure seemed at the size of a yordle with a large pointy hat. Yet Skarner saw something he has not seen in any traveler that tries going to the realm behind him.
The figure seemed to Hop, instead of walk towards him.
He felt insulted by the act, dropped the body on the floor and prepared his body.
He encrusted his body with Crystals and imbued magic into his claws.
But then, when the figure approached to the point of full sight, he indeed saw a small yordle. A child, to be precise.
Skarner did not flutter, he faced enemies that were small and powerful nonetheless.
"oHH~" The yordle spoke as she finally took a look at Skarner. "Such a pretty statue!"
Skarner understood he was ignored, and decided to keep himself this way for a while.
"Such a big gate!" The yordle spoke again "I wonder what's beHIND IT!" She then spinned 180 degrees, looking backwards and waiting for an enemy to appear.
"No response, Ha?" She asked vaguely "I know that there is someone in here..." She started walking around, searching for a peeping hole.
A second later, she was already tired of searching. "Really? Not a single person here? I heard someone getting in..." She Sat on Skarner's flat head.
As her feat went up and down, she suddenly felt on the back of her legs breaths.
But, she ignored them.
"What do you think, Mr. statue?" She asked "Did someone really come in here, or was it my imagination..."
Suddenly, Skarner's armor broke.
The yordle felt her nice seat suddenly breaking under her, so she jumped of it and looked at the statue again.
Instead of a fully blue crystal head, she now saw Skarner at his full might. Colors of purple and Blue combined upon his body while the tip of his tail shined with magic.
"PRETTY! SO THERE WAS SOMEONE HERE~!" She shouted, suddenly jumping on Skarners face, hugging it.
"... Please leave my face alone" He asked her politly, unsure of how to react to the event he saw.
She released her claws from him and looked again. His mouth was splattered with blood and a stench came from aside. "ewwww why does it stink here?"
"Err..." Skarner pointed at the direction, showing a pile pf bodies upon each other. 
"Soooooo...." The yordle grabbed her stick "What are you?" She asked as a small Fairy-like creature sat over her shoulder.
Skarner, on the other hand, was in awe. He had never faced an intelligent adventurer before. He was so used to the shock and awe they bring as they see him, he had not expected a normal gesture to be presented to him instead.
He knew that there was no need for violence here, so he thought that he might as well talk.
"I am Skarner, The last of the Brackern. I defend this realm from all who wish to seek it, no one will get over me and reach it!" He made his point clear
"OK" She responded
For Skarner, it was a first. He had never seen someone as simple and polite before. No one started questioning him after he said this sentence, no one responded, even. Everyone either attacked him or ran away in fear.
'But this little one answered "ok"?!' he thought to himself 'She is either The Bravest one I have seen until know, or an absolute idiot!'
Lulu gazed at Skarner's body. "You're all so PRETTY AND SHINY! I bet you go all VROW VROW psssssssss PHPHPH!" She started waving her hands all over and making magical noises.
'An idiot.' Skarner understood after her last actions.
"And who are you, Yordle?" Skarner asked, wondering who is this idiot he is facing.
"I am Lulu! The Fae Sorceress!" She explained by waving her staff around. She then pointed the staff at the fairy on her shoulder "And this is Pix. Nice to meet you Skarner!"
"N..Nice to meet you too..."
"The Brackern..." She wondered "I haven't heard of them... Can you please tell me more about them, Skarner?"
"Em..." He mumbled, then Started.

He told her about the Brackern's history, about their intelligence and fierce, he told her about the crystal scar and his old home.
But then, he started speaking about The Noxious cloud. As he did, Lulu's eyes opened widely with shock, hoping to hear a happy ending.
Skarner spoke of the terrible sites he has seen and about the lose of his family, and at that point, he noticed Lulu's expression changing.
He saw her legs closing her face, her eyes closed and filled with tears, he saw Pain through every move of her body
A very familiar Pain at that.
Skarner stopped talking. "Lulu? Is everything alright?" He asked as she cried.
She suddenly went to him and hugged him, still crying.
"I..." She spoke, filled with snot and mucus "I also lost my family..."
Skarner looked at her as she grazed her head into his claw. She cleaned her nose with her sleeve. "So this is your home?" She asked
"I am a Vanguard by nature. I am here to defend." He said "I guess... I guess you can call it my home."
"It's a sad home... It's lonely." She said.
"It's fine..." He said while hugging her back.
"It's all going to be fine..." he pet her head gently with his small hand, But then, he heard a Screeching sound coming from under him.
The earth shaked around them and a massive amount of magic flew up from below.
"No...." He said, showing his feeling about what is about the happen. "Lulu, Run."
She lifted her head to look at Skarner, trying to understand his sudden change of heart. "What?" she asked
"RUN!" He commended, releasing her from his embrace. "Please, for me, RUN LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER RAN BEFORE!" He shouted.
Without a single more word, Lulu listened. She ran back to the far away stairs, into the direction of the outside.
Skarner was sad from the fact Lulu had to leave... But he knew that now he had bigger problems over his mind.
The ground around him started rippling and breaking apart. "Damnit!" He shouted, not sure what to do.

As Lulu exited the tomb to Skarner's protected realm, she looked around her.
For a second, she thought she was imagining, but the image she looked at was far more then her imagination.
For just a second, she saw an ancient civilization made of sand. People walking the streets, trading goods and talking.
For just a moment, she saw what was once a desert of death turned into a life-filled city.
And a second after that, She saw a giant sundisk floating above the reviving sand civilization.
All she could there, though, is keep running away.

Skarner ran inside the realm he was protecting.
"The time has come..." He spoke loudly to himself as he looked around him,
"The Ascendants have risen, And my life of solitude returns...
I wonder what would happen to the world now, after seeing the True might of Shurima
He looked back at the gate he came from
"I hope she is safe..."
His voice echoed amongst the crumbling walls of rock, the sands whirled around him and were lost to the wind, as Shurima rose once more.
An Unexpected Adventurer- A Shuriman Event
HUGE HELP CREDIT TO :iconkatatsumurii:
Tis' a fanfic about the Shurima which includes Skarner and Lulu ^^
The gift is for… for winning the Giveaway on my Skarner RP blog,

All names, places and character rightfully belong to Riot Games Inc.
jUST, THE NEXT CHAPTER is already done and needs more editing, and I have two  stories that one in a giveaway on my Tumblr, so sorry!
Talon and Katarina stared at the wall, watching the 2 meters tall beast.
"Hunt them down" The beasts master, Singed, commanded.

The beast did not listen, just acted on it's own instincts on who to kill and jumped on the ground, causing a tremor that almost made Katarina fall off her feet again.
The beast stared at the two assassins. The beast took first notice of the male, yet quickly changed his Gaze to the other.
It looked at Katarina, and as it did, He roared a mighty shout that echoed through the battlefield.
The roar caused silence to the frield of battle.
It brought fear to the humans that heard it.
The Giant monster took a massive sword out of its back with his right hand.
As it took the sword out, he grabbed it with the other hand as well and pointed it at Katarina.
It breathed in the Oxygen around him and stomped his right foot forward.
"CHARGE!" it shouted in a brutal voice as it ran towards Katarinas direction, Increasing his movment speed largely in a single boost of strength.
With no fear or doubt, Katarina Shunpoed towards Talon, Grabbed him by his Torso and Shunpoed back into the massive army of P.I.Ns.
She shunpoed 3 times already, so she looked back to see where the beast is.
To her surprise, It shunpoed near her, but she reacted quickly enough to get away in time and shunpo closer to her allies.
"Did it--?!" "FUCK!" Talon could not even finish his question without Katarina interrupting him.
After 9 seconds, She finally reached the Dauntless Vanguards, defending the front fighters from the explosions of the dying P.I.Ns.
She Let Talon go and looked at the direction where SPIN was in. 
This time, it did not Shunpo, but just plainly charged through the human guards as if they were nothing but leaves.
Katarina Shunpoed over the beast and Lifted her knifes for the stab, hoping to mark him with her unique Bouncing Blades ability, which would cause a massive amount of damage.
"Talon!" The scarlet blade shoted as she took an item out of her bag and threw it to her brother in arms.
In Midair, Talon grabbed the long golden-colored stick and attached it to his back belt, the two then exchanged looks and synchronized their plans.
Talon Cutthroat to SPIN and cut him down as well, trying to Blade his neck and cause him to bleed out to death.
As their weapons struck the beasts skin, they bounced off it as if they hit steel.

"It's been a while..." A dauntless, powerful and mighty voice spoke to himself.
He was far away from the battle. His clothes were brown, his beard unshaven and dirt covered his silver armor.
is body was sweating from the running, he felt tired and exhausted.
Yet he was filled with energy towards returning to battle.
"I can smell the ashes of fire and the reek of death from here..." He looked and saw the Zaunite army explode in a green liquid goo, damaging the united armies of Valoran.
The masculine man grabbed the sword from his back with his right hand, and after he took it out then grabbed it with his other.
He pointed his blade in the direction of the Demacian army.
"Fear not, I'm coming!" He Dauntlessly shouted and started running

The assassins jumped off the beast as they understood that they were worthless against him.
"Crap..." Talon cursed "Only brute force can open up this bastard."
"What should we do?" Katarina asked her brother in arms while the beast was confused and could not find them.
Talon looked at her with deep sorrow. "Sister..." He started talking, hoping that the beast is not striking them down at that moment "I'll go and kill Swain, You deal with this bastard, Agreed?"
Katarina parried backwards. Where she used to be, instead stood a giant sword which halved the ground she was on.
"Alright!" She replied "My father taught you well, Always for the target!" She jumped and evaded SPINs sword strike. "GO!" She commanded him with a proud smile.
Talon smiled back and left towards the back line of champions.
Katarina stared into SPINs eyes and saw nothing but an intent to kill. "No mercy, Ha?" She asked.
She pushed the ground,causing her to fly back away from SPINs smash.
"RHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" It shouted, charging to Katarina.
In its sprint, It suddenly threw a blade that was held on his belt into the direction of the Demacians behind him.
Katarina did not care about that at the moment, she was too focused on defeating the brute.
"COME HERE SPINNY!" She shouted with a grin "I GOT A LITTLE GIFT FOR YOU!" She took out two Kunais, sharpened especially for this occasion.
She jumped up in the air, then Shunpoed back to his back and was able to cut through his neck with the small daggers.
She smiled, but then she felt a giant strike to her left, breaking three ribs with the hit.

"IN THE KINGS NAME, YOU SHALL BE PERISHED!" The knight sprinted, getting closer to the field.

Katarina felt a huge cut appearing in her left side and instinctively flashed into a nearby unit.
As she stepped on the ground, she saw what hit her.
It was the blade SPIN threw 6 seconds ago.
'He used... It used Bouncing Blade!' She thought, unable to believe it.
SPIN searched around for his opponent, unable to find her. Katarina tried Shunpoing to someone, but the pain took over her, and she felt it going through everywhere.
She fell on the ground, the three inches long cut gushed out blood and filled the floor with crimson colors.
Katarina's senses started fading bit by bit, she felt the touch of Death getting closer and closer.
She even tried taking a potion out of her bag and heal her, but she was too busy closing the wound with her hands.
She fell down. From the pain, she didn't even sit, she just laid with her back to the ground, hopeless and with no answer to the situation.
SPIN found her after looking around.

"FORGE ONWARD!" The knight shouted to himself, close enough that his mighty scream echoed through the fields of battle just as much as SPINs roar did.
The front line of Demacian guards, The Dauntless Vanguards, heard the familiar voice.

The abomination got closer to the scarlet assassin.
He stepped once, almost stomping her, blocked her right side. He stepped another time, pushing his other leg in a way that Katarina was unable to escape,squishing her between his feet, imprisoning her.
The monster lifted its Blade.

"VILE SCOURGE!" The sturn voice growled at the beast, followed by the sound of large armor stepping on the ground.
Katarina heard the voice, but did not believe it was really his.
She closed her eyes and awaited the execution to finally come.
SPIN ignored the voice and struck the sword downwards, right into Katarinas neck.
"I will fight AS LONG AS I STAND!" The might of Demacia shouted while blocking SPINs blade from hitting the Noxian, using his runic yellow sword to his the monster's, and blowing it 40 meters away from it, disarming SPIN..
"BY JUSTICE!" Garen slashed the monster with his sword
"BY LAW!" With his other hand, The mighty Vanguard punched the abominations face
"OR BY SWORD!" He inserted the blade deep into the monsters stomach, gushing green goo from its back.
Garen took out the blade and kicked the beast, but to his surprise, It was not yet defeated.
It's wounds slowly recovered, closing any cut that Garen or Katarina caused.
Garen sighed. "If you insist, I shall use my full strength." He announced.
The beast, as a response, growled and charged into Garen.
Garen easily avoided the large beast with a quick parry to the left.
"That's not how you charge..." Garen changed position in lightning speed, readying his legs for a quick burst of movement "ITS LIKE THIS!" Like a bullet, he sprung forward with the tip of his blade to his front, cutting the beasts stomach again.
"Your swings are pathetic!" Garen shouted as he grabbed his sword tightly and spinned around the beast, causing cuts all over his body.
SPIN grabbed another one of his swords from a belt, trying to slash Garen, thinking a wound to his opponent will make the pain go away.
Garen summoned a shield around himself and blocked the swing. "YOU CANNOT EVEN PENETRATE MY COURAGE!" The vanguard denounced the monster
The monster tried healing itself again, falling on its knees, unable and too tired to move anymore.
"Abomination..." Garen Struck his sword in the ground while the beast rested "BE PURGED WITH HOLY LIGHT!"

Out of the sky, a giant sword in the shape of Garens blade fell upon the monster, reducing it to cinder, returning dust to dust.
Garen looked back and kneeled on the ground, facing the Scarlet Assassin and put one arm forward. "Need some help?"
"Potio.. bag..." Katarina barely speak, but gave enough information for the Vanguard to give her what she needed.
Garen did as she ordered him and gave her the potion from her bag.
He saw the potions wonders working miracles upon Katarinas body.
"Impressive." Garen said as he lifted her back and moved her into a sitting position "Are you feeling better?" He asked.
She opened her eyes and saw Garen more clearly now, and she saw he changed.
Instead of his usual royal blue colors, his clothes were brown of dirt and empty of Demacian references.
He had a belt filled with different pockets and trinkets, more so, he had a different sword.
The sword was now larger and Yellow, filled with runic signs and signatures that were unreadable to the people of this day and age.
She saw his face changed much, as well. It was no longer clean, it was filled with dirt. His hair was long and his hair unshaven.
"What happened to you?" She asked, forgetting a bit about the war that goes on around them.
"I was exiled by my own people as they feared that I betrayed them, and thank the gods they did. I might have not been the betrayer they thought I am, but the Journey I went through gave me much experience that I have needed. I have battled many beasts and monsters like no other, things that were thought to be extinct. It even gave me a new sword, the "Infinity Edge", with the power to critically strike any opponent.
"Yet, a night Ago, I was approached by The Judicator of the institute, She teleported before me to send me the message after a long search for me. She told me much. She explained what happened in Detail. She showed me the truth and said that she won't come and help, and that she has to defend the institute first and foremost."
"Of course she said that... Bitch..." Katarina smiled, feeling the pain oozing away, being replaced with Garens body warmth.
"She also told me that The Blade's Shadow was with you, Where is He?" Garen asked
"Don't worry" Katarina smiled again, thinking of all the fun Talon is having "He is already on his way to kill the damn Bastard"

Talon ran through the army of P.I.Ns for the third time now, but still felt full of energy, now more then ever.
'Swain... I'll finally be able to beat out the legendary question out of you... Ill finally know,
Where did you hide my father!' He thought to himself as he kept running with Adrenaline.
He reached the line of champions again, looking directly at his target.
"SWAIN!" The blade shouted "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!"

Leonas shield grew brighter. The sphere around her shined brightly, increasing with force on every second that goes by.
Diana again felt a change of temperature from within the Shield the moon created around her, but this time, It got colder.
"LET ME OUT!" The Lunari shouted at the moon "I CANNOT DEFEAT THE SOLARI LIKE THIS!"
The moon spoke in the sound only the Lunari could hear.
Dianas face was filled with fear from her masters answer.
"What do you mean you're sorry?! Explain yourself!" She shouted loudly at the moon.
Leonas dreadful face did not change, and still brought fear over Dianas heart.
"You..." Leona finally spoke
"You killed him..." Her voice was shattered and broken
The two enemies locked their eyes into each other, one filled with fear, and one expressing nothing but the need to kill the other.
"Prepare yourself, Diana..." Leona grabbed her shield and closed it to her body "You have brought it upon yourself."
"WHAT?" The Lunari was angered from Leonas cheek. "HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE THIS?! I AM YOUR SLAYER! BATTLE ME!"

Leona looked straight into Dianas eyes, shattering the moons spirit.
"COME HERE, MURDERER! LET ME SEE YOU GO THROUGH MY SHIELD!" Diana tried taking the situation back into her own hands, thinking it will bring fear into the Solari's heart.
Leona closed her eyes.
Slowly, she started lowering the arm that held the blade on the air.
Over her neck, a locket of an Iron bird shining as brightly as her Eclipse.
"As the Eclipse ends..." Leona spoke, still slowly lowering the Zenith Blade
She opened her eyes. They were as well shining brightly, as bright as the sun.
"... Your army will fall."
Zaunian Touch - Part XIX
Took me a shit long while to write that one...
First draft was ready for around one week or so?
But then I decided to rewrite it and wait for my amazing editer to check it.
She gave me a "good to go" and I have now officially released it! ^^
Enjoy! enjoy my followers (are you even there?)

All characters places and names rightfully belong to Riot Games Inc.
The smexy ass story belongs to :icondanik107:


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if u want to talk w/ me about israeli politics and stuff just talk! (sent a note or somethin.....)

Current Residence: israel~
Favourite genre of music: METAL & ROCK
Favourite photographer: angel~ (my GF)
Favourite style of art: EPIC ART!
Operating System: windows 7~
MP3 player of choice: sansa clip!
Shell of choice: ....dunno XD
Wallpaper of choice: blue skulls ^^
Skin of choice: white pliz....
Favourite cartoon character: Natsu of fairy tail!!!
Personal Quote: "Life is full of choices" ^^
jUST, THE NEXT CHAPTER is already done and needs more editing, and I have two  stories that one in a giveaway on my Tumblr, so sorry!

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